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  • Ningbo Polytechnic is selected as top 50 in national vocational colleges in service contribution and international influence

    According to the 2017 annual report on the quality of Higher Vocational Education in China which was released on the 16th, Ningbo Polytechnic was selected as top 50 in service contribution and in the international influence.

    It is reported that the annual report revealed 50 Higher Vocational institutions in service contribution and 50 colleges of the international influence among more than 1300 vocational schools. Particularly, Zhejiang has 3 colleges won the double-top honor with 11 institutions in total. Ningbo Polytechnic has been ranked as top 50 in service contribution for two consecutive years.

    Since Ningbo Polytechnic began to undertake the training project of human resources for foreign aid in 2007, it has fostered nearly 1800 officers of industries and education and teachers in colleges and universities for 113 developing countries, establishing contacts with many countries along silk road and finishing the construction of China-Africa (Benin) technological training college in Benin. Commissioned by the Ministry of Commerce, during the summer vacation, Ningbo Polytechnic will carry out the training for foreign aid in Sri Lanka, Grenada. It also co-sponsored ¡°The Belt and Road¡± production and education collaborative alliance with CEAIE and Ningbo City bureau of education to enhance international exchanges and cooperation, build the international cooperation platform for production and education, expand international cooperation in scientific research and promote the ¡°The Belt and Road¡± national cultural exchange.

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