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  • Ningbo International School

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    说明: stitch5.jpgNingbo International School (NBIS) was founded in September 2005 by Wanli Education Group of Zhejiang Province. The well resourced school is located in Ningbo Hi-Tech Zone. The school’s facilities include spacious, air-conditioned classrooms with additional air purifiers; a library, an artificial grass football (soccer) pitch and running track, Art room, an auditorium, Drama suite, Music suite, Computer and Science laboratories and recently upgraded playground areas.

    NBIS is an international school only enrolls children with foreign passports or Hong Kong and Taiwan Residences. NBIS’s success is supported by Ningbo Municipal government, Ningbo Hi –Tech Zone (HTZ) government and Wanli Education Group of Zhejiang Province. NBIS currently has 279 international students from 39 different nationalities. We provide 8 buses to convey 193 students per day to and from school.

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    NBIS applies the principles and practices of the Early Years Learning Framework in our Early Childhood section from Toddlers aged from 2 years of age through to Kindergarten. We then implement the Australian Accountability Framework (ACARA) in a slightly modified form that best suits the school’s international students during the Primary Years, from Reception to Year 6. Middle schooling in Years 7 and 8 blend ACARA and the Cambridge Examination system in preparation for Year 9 onwards. NBIS offers Cambridge courses – IGCSE in Years 9 and 10, AS Levels in Year 11, and A Levels in Year 12.

    English is the language of instruction, however Chinese is taught throughout the school for 1 lesson per day. The curriculum has been enriched by an ‘English as a Second or Other Language’ (ESOL) program and a strong learning support programme facilitated throughout much of the school by the provision of two teachers per class till Secondary School. We also have a bi-lingual support teacher available for extra input for Middle School students.

    Whole of school activities include Extra Curricula activities, International Day, a Winter Concert, Drama and Music Days, Primary and Secondary Science Fairs, Sports Day, Interschool Sport, Chinese Cultural Day and Water Day.

    NBIS is fortunate to have a strong team of faculty members and support staff. 22 Foreign teachers are overseas qualified and experienced. All have recognized teaching qualifications as well as subject specialisation qualifications. Chinese is taught by native speakers.

    NBIS is a great school, with excellently behaved students, very competent staff, positive input from parents, credible curriculum offerings and strong, ongoing support from the government. NBIS will continue to provide a high quality education for the children in our care into the future.

    NBIS is school fee starts RMB45000 per year for Toddlers, RMB60,000 per year for Kindergarten, RMB63,000-80,000 per year for Primary and MRB 90,0000-105,000 per year for Secondary.

    Address: 151 Lamei Road, Ningbo National Hi-tech Zone, Zhejiang Province , 315103, China.
    Tel: 0574-87611005                  Fax:0574-87611136
    Website: www.nbis.net.cn        Email: nbis-admin@163.com

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