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  • Vocational Education

    Aiming at establishing national-level demonstration zones of vocational education, focusing on the demands of social and economic development of Ningbo and the students¡¯ comprehensive development, Ningbo vocational education devotes to fully implement the spirit of national and provincial vocational education working conference, and constantly improves regional modern vocational education system, in order to continuously promote vocational education reform and development. In 2015, there are 38 secondary vocational schools, among which there are 29 key schools of provincial and national level, 10 national reform demonstration schools, 8 provincial reform demonstration schools. There are 17 provincial key programs, 13 provincial featured new programs, 30 municipal brand programs and 20 municipal prioritized programs. Ningbo provides 31 internship bases supported by central government, 15 provincial internship demonstration bases and 22 municipal vocational education internship bases (each of them was invested over 10 million for equipments). The vocational schools offer 130 majors in 18 categories, which almost cover the professions in primary, secondary and tertiary industries. A total of 5,666 teachers and over 69,000 students work and study in vocational schools. The vocational school graduates¡¯ employment rate reached 98.9% in 2015. At the 2015 National Skills Competition for Secondary Vocational School Students, Ningbo team achieved 39 golden medals, 47 silver medals and 15 bronze medals, with the overall ranking the second in the country for three consecutive years.

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