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  • Lifelong Education

    Guiding by the philosophy of serving local economic and social development, adult education aims to build the lifelong educational system and establish a learning city. It has implemented the Training Program for Millions of Migrant Workers, enhanced professional training for workers in enterprises, and actively developed community education. 2,870 learning centers for adults have been established by the end of 2015, which include 1 municipal school, 11 county-level centers (community colleges ), 113 town-level adult schools (113 provincial standard schools and 63 municipal high standard schools). A network of adult education of four levels has been constructed. At present, there are 4 national Community Education Demonstration Zones, 3 national Community Education Experimental Zones. The community education coverage rate for the urban and rural areas is respectively 100% and 78%. In 2015, we provided training for 3.8258 million people comprising skill training for 821,600 on-job workers, 117,000 farmers, 78,700 house-keepers 9,825 adults of double-certificate education and 1977 reserving labors. Some other 2.7795 million citizens received various training. There are 13,251 graduates from adult secondary education and 12,822 graduates from colleges and universities.

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