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  • Preschool Education

    In 2015, the Preschool Education achieved sustainable development. There are totally 1,278 kindergartens in Ningbo, which intake 280,200 children. The net enrollment rate of pre-school education is up to 99.5%. There are 116 kindergartens with provincial first-class standard and 1,120 kindergartens above provincial level. The enrollment of provincial kindergartens reached 94.1%. In rural area, the building rate of central kindergarten has reached 100%, and all of these central kindergartens have been standardized. Preschool education in Ningbo is dominated by the public kindergartens and inclusive private ones, and accompanied by other types of kindergartens. The general benefited preschool education coverage is above 71.6%. There are 34,600 teaching staff in kindergartens with 19,200 headmasters and teachers all of whom are qualified with degree. 91.1% of teachers hold college degree or above.

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