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  • Private Education

    Since reform and opening-up, the private education in Ningbo appreciates dramatically growth due to the deeper reform of market economy, the rapid growth of private economy as well as the fast development of economy and society as whole. In 2015, there are 302,600 students in 1,081 private schools. Separately 19,700 students study in 25 private senior secondary schools accounting for 22.4% of students in senior secondary schools. 2,393 students study in 8 private secondary vocational schools accounting for 3.47 % of total students in the same level schools. 28,800 students in 19 private junior secondary schools, which accounts for 15.49%; 72,600 students in 63 private primary schools, which accounts for 15.12%; and 179,100 children in 966 private kindergartens, which accounts for 63.92%.

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