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  • Ningbo International School

        Ningbo International School (NBIS) is an international school licensed by the Ningbo Municipal Government and run by the Zhejiang Wanli Education Group. NBIS provides children with foreign nationalities programmes from kindergarten to year 9. As the school grows, up to year 12 will become available. It is planned to open a Child Care Centre on campus in February of 2006 to cater for children under 3 years old. Besides modern well equipped classrooms, facilities available for students include an Assembly Hall, a Library, a Gymnasium and sporting facilities such as tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts and a 400-metre artificial running track. We have a computer laboratory, home economics centre and music suite. The school opened in September of 2005 and enrolments are taken throughout the year. NBIS is located in the Ningbo High Technology Northern Zone, and covers forty thousand square metres. NBIS was built with an investment of 87 million Yuan, or over USD 10 million. Principal¡¯s message It is my pleasure to welcome you to our website. Ningbo International School educates young people in a happy and collaborative co-educational setting. We cater for day students as well as boarders. We offer a wide range of subjects and co-curricular activities and we strive for excellence in all curriculum areas. Our teaching and support staff are very well qualified, enthusiastic and dedicated to promoting the personal attainments and care of students. Our teachers are native born English speakers from Australia. Our staff specialise in teaching English language but our school also offers a truly international curriculum licensed from South Australia and respected throughout the world. Visitors are always welcome at Ningbo International School, and one day I hope to meet you personally. Please talk to my Personal Assistant, Echo (Ms Xue Xiangrong), if you would like to tour the School, receive any further information about the school or discuss the possibility of admission.

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